Thursday, January 26, 2012


I am not a good dancer.
At my junior & senior proms...I only slow danced-and even that was awkward.
But I am in love with Dance Central 1 & 2 for Kinect.

I try to dance to the game, but I fail horribly.
Actually, the way I dance looks horrible, but according to the sensor, I am "Flawless!"

Judge for yourself... (yes, I know it is horrible :P)


And if that isn't enough for you...

By the way I did not know I was being filmed.

I like to say I have improved since this video was made a year ago. :P

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Student Teaching Adventures

So I started my internship for my degree. 
I'm working with 23 first graders!
They are definitely an interesting group.
I've already seen one little boy chasing a little girl while swinging a fake hatchet.

I've found out that most first graders have what I want...an iPhone. 


Had a group of little boys together...one of the little boys pointed to another boy and said "He says you're hot. He has a crush on you!"...Causing the little boy to....

Burst into tears!

All of the little kids want me to sit with them at lunch which means...

Big messes!

They also want me to hold their hands which is...

Very sweet!

BUT... after only one week of being with them...I already caught a cold from them...

Sick :(

Buuut I think I am really going to enjoy it overall :).

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Eve

Usually on New Years Eve my sister & I have a little sleepover with some friends at our house. We play games, dance, watch the ball drop, drink sparkling grape juice (which is very yummy by the way), and take lots of funny pictures. 

This year I had a much more simple & quiet New Years Eve.

It was perfect :).

First me and my sweet boyfriend went to visit my cousin/best friend Sierra while she was working at Pizza Hut since she got stuck working on New Years Eve till 1am.
We ate, talked, laughed, took pictures, and ate a lot more. 
I ate so much that I had to stretch my legs across him in the booth so I could lay down.
I will never eat that much again.

We left Pizza Hut around 9:30pm and went back to my house to relax together.

We cuddled, talked, laughed, & watched Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve together :).

My kitty/son Jasper also joined us!

I never really make a "real" New Year's Resolution. 
Other than to make this year better than the last one! :)
And I have a feeling that 2012 will be my best year yet!!

OH & can you tell I am obsessed with my boyfriend's new iPhone camera? Because I am.