Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Student Teaching Adventures

So I started my internship for my degree. 
I'm working with 23 first graders!
They are definitely an interesting group.
I've already seen one little boy chasing a little girl while swinging a fake hatchet.

I've found out that most first graders have what I want...an iPhone. 


Had a group of little boys together...one of the little boys pointed to another boy and said "He says you're hot. He has a crush on you!"...Causing the little boy to....

Burst into tears!

All of the little kids want me to sit with them at lunch which means...

Big messes!

They also want me to hold their hands which is...

Very sweet!

BUT... after only one week of being with them...I already caught a cold from them...

Sick :(

Buuut I think I am really going to enjoy it overall :).

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